Right or left? By the way chosen not walk alone ...

In this way dreams have always been accompanied by people with great sensitivity to be fully involved in all projects from ideational-disseny been made.

Implement projects that arise from the feelings, the emotions and the sensations, sometimes have complicated execution. For this reason I want to thank the patience, understanding, commitment and above all the professionalism that have been and are people who at some point have walked beside me to help in any of the projects developed.

Thanks David Callau by feed your boundless creativity; Being at all times, unconditionally, to me and, of course, for helping me choose the right path and give birth to my dreams.

Thanks also to Roger Alasà walk beside me in difficult times when nobody believed that since emotions can also lead to the creation. Your contributions have made many recent projects ideational-disseny have seen the light.

I can not name the person who, in the shadows, has devoted hours and hours to get all the madness transform feelings and sensitivity, technique. Thanks Gerad Alasà to work flawlessly gears of my dreams.


And finally ...

Also thank all those companies that in 2001, when this dream began and when few people trust the potential of the Internet, believed in me and gave me the needed push to move forward with my dream more professionally.

Thanks for the patience and full confidence of all who have at some point relied on my "special" way to understand this philosophy, we sincerely hope the end result was worth it.

Thanks to all ... On my way, I hope my feelings and dreams continue to inspire me to keep going.



Miquel A. Gil
Cambrils, March 2013.

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